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A signature of our furniture is the choice of finishes and materials we offer to help make the finishing touches to our furniture entirely bespoke. We can partner our metalwork furniture with several options for table tops, including choices of glass, mirror, timber or marble whilst our upholstery furniture pieces can come in a variety of faux shagreen and leathers.

Premium finishes

Powder coating provides a clean, durable and uniform finish. We have carefully selected 12 premium finishes in an array of neutral tones. There’s also a mixture of satin and textured finishes, so something for everyone.

Specialist finishes

These are highly specialised finishes from the US available in a huge range of colours and textures. For this service we charge £50 upfront for each of the packs below, this will be refundable against any purchase.

For a truly luxury finish we have three options available.

Gilded finishes

Gilding is the application of delicate metal leaf by hand and gives an opulent finish.

Molten metal finishes

Molten metal finishes are obtained through the spraying of pure metal onto the surface giving a true solid cast metal appearance. These can be patinated or aged.

Polished and brushed finishes

We also offer brushed or polished stainless steel and brass as an alternative, please ask for more information.

Shagreen is an exotic, elegant and enigmatic material which will add a touch of luxury and glamour to your
interior. We choose not to use real shagreen due to the environmental concerns of using shark and stingray hides, instead we use a faux shagreen product made from vinyl. Not only are sophisticated finishing techniques with vinyl able to closely replicate the look and feel of real shagreen, but it’s often far more durable too.

Shagreen finishes 

Quartz is a popular material when it comes to bespoke furniture. It gives a sophisticated and contemporary look for your piece yet is hardwearing and functional as it’s easy to clean and stain resistant. There are many options available so please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Quartz finishes

Antique Mirror

Beautiful, light boosting and luxurious, antique mirror glass adds depth and interest to your piece of furniture. Distressed to create a mottled, vintage or foxed effect, antique mirror offers more richness and depth than standard mirror. We have specially selected these options however there are many different styles and tones available so please ask if these are not quite right.


Including mirrored pieces in an interior doesn’t just add glamour to your scheme, the reflected lights create a sense of infinite space and weightless appeal.

Recycled Glass

This is made from 100% recycled glass and bottles. Constructed from various sized flakes you get a striking and unique product with real depth. Available in polished or matt and various colourways, you can create a stunning piece of furniture.


All of our table tops use low iron toughened glass. This glass uses low levels of iron which removes the greenish-blue tint that can be seen especially on larger and thicker pieces of glass.

Our timber is locally sourced from an FSC approved supplier. Everything we use is handpicked at the local sawmill and our insistence on using only the highest quality timber ensures that all of our furniture will last for many years.

We have selected these timbers to provide a range of colours and grains to suit your client’s interiors.

We are skilled in applying a wide range of finishes but our preference is to keep materials looking as natural as possible, usually applying a clear satin lacquer allowing the natural beauty of the timber to show through. This lacquer is not water resistant, but it is hardwearing.