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I am Katie and my background is in Marketing. My husband Tim has been running high tech start-ups for the past 20 years. Our lives started to change when we spent 3 years lovingly renovating our period home in Cambridge. We were fed up with the monotony of a 9 to 5 life and the strains of Tim travelling all over the world for his businesses, so we decided to consider a move to Norfolk, a place that we have always loved. Being close to the countryside and able to enjoy peace and tranquillity was an exciting prospect for us.

In April last year we actually decided to make it happen and we purchased a house in Norfolk, remote with amazing views and also modern (well 2005), quite different from our Grade II* listed house in Cambridge. We immediately started updating it to fit our style and family life and as always, not wanting to settle for high street products, we started designing and making our own furniture, bespoke shelving and home accessories so we could achieve the beautiful and unique finish we wanted. People have always commented on our style and furniture and how beautiful it was, but it wasn’t until we had our kitchen fitted and received comments from numerous professionals that we decided to take a huge leap of faith and start our own business so that others could also enjoy our ideas.

Tim, always an engineer, loves the creativity and engineering of furniture, whilst I get excited talking to potential clients and interior designers about projects and partnerships. We are passionate about our business and creating bespoke, quality products for others to enjoy and our skills complement each other perfectly. We love the fact that we have created something together, working with each other to achieve a shared goal.