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As well as offering trade discounts we take great delight in working with Interior designers often ending with a completely new design or twist on our existing pieces. We love being challenged by unusual requests and will always do our utmost to meet a brief.

Even in the early days our design process will be generating 3D renders of furniture, we can experiment with colours and textures with you and these can then be used by you in client meetings.

Along with this free service we also offer samples of practically all finishes, timber, fabrics and stone.

Once a client is closer to making selections, we can also help colour match timbers to make sure that there are no surprises on delivery and everything is perfect.

Our target response time to any enquiry is 24 hours so you’ll not be waiting around for a quote, and if we need a little more time, we will let you know.

Our lead times vary depending on the piece and materials to be used but typically are around 14 weeks. We can do things faster in some cases so if time is of the essence then please let us know.